On the night of November 17, 2005 I was a bit too eager to go on my walk and took off alone in the night by myself.  When I saw another dog across the street I couldn’t resist and headed for him.  Wham! I got hit by a car I didn’t see in the dark.
Luckily? only my leg was run over - leaving me with something they called a degloving injury.  Right away I was taken to the Animal Emergency Center where I had to spend the night all drugged up.
Ever since then I have had my bandages changed many, many times and sometimes with nice colors and decorations.  It has been three months now and I am almost all healed up.  I just have to wear a brace for another month.
Here are some pictures of me as I was healing and some of the nice people at AEC helping to fix me up.
first night home
the big sleep
i can’t bend down to eat
where can i put this thing
getting used to it
nice visit from calvin
me and my buddy
present from Calvin
like my Christmas bandage
how about this bandage
I love christmas
ho! ho! ho!
first look 12/22/05
all healed up
you should’ve seen it before
my friend Dr Finster
bandage almost on
getting  even smaller
plenty of help
my friends JD & Joyce
all ready to go out