friends, relatives & adventures
Hi!  I’m Teddy.  I am a Golden Retriever who was all alone in the world living at the Wisconsin Humane Society until I was adopted by Chuck & Susan when I was about one year old.  That was on February 3, 1993.  From that time on I have had it made.
I have lots of friends like Calvin and Bruno and  even some relatives like a sort-of sister named Ashleigh who lives in Florida and a cousin named Punky in Indiana.
Just about every night of my new life at 10 O’clock I join some of my friends for our ten-o-clock walk.  Throughout the years we have had some members of our group move away and new friends join in but my friends Calvin and Cedar have been there through good weather and bad almost every night!
One of the things I like most is the summer when I get to spend a lot of time at Middle Island Point in the UP.  You can see some pictures of me there in my photo album.
Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky a few months ago when I got hit by a car.  It was rough going at first but as you can see I am  healing nicely and will be just fine.
The other day I turned 14 and still feel very good.  I may sleep more and not play as much but I am sure feeling good for my age and having lots of fun thanks to all of my family and friends.